Chapter 164: The Alchemist Association

Chapter 164: The Alchemist Association

Entering the Alchemist Association, a faint medicinal scent pounced out, giving people a refreshed feeling.

The interior of the hall did not have many people, with only a few people quietly performing their own work. Appearing to have heard the sound of footsteps, some of them lifted their head and swept their gazes toward the young man who was carrying a huge black ruler on his back that seemed to be almost dragging him to the ground. After confusion flashed in their eyes, they began to once again bury themselves in their work. They did not think that anyone had the courage to create a disturbance in the Alchemist Association.

Standing in the somewhat deserted large hall, Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He was about to find someone to inquire about the procedure for obtaining an Alchemist tier badge when a young lady in a pale green dress hurriedly came from behind a counter and swiftly strided toward Xiao Yan.

“This… mister, seeing your unfamiliar face, this should be your first time coming to our Black Rock City’s Alchemist Association, no?” She quickly walked to the front of Xiao Yan with a smile, the green clad lady’s eyes completely scanned Xiao Yan before she asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan sized up the lady in green. Her beautiful...

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