Chapter 1638: Di Essence

Chapter 1638: Di Essence

“The Tou She Ancient God… is the Heavenly Flame ranked first on the Heavenly Flame Ranking…”

The Heavenly Flame square had once again become completely silent. The expressions of everyone had become unusually interesting. Clearly, they were shaken by this extremely unbelievable information to the point where they could not recover.

Zhu Kun was also aware of the shock in everyone’s heart. He did not speak. All he did was to lift his head and look at the huge stone statue. His expression was somewhat complicated. No one could imagine that the last elite Dou Di on this Dou Qi continent was neither a human nor a Magical Beast. Instead, it was a flame born in the world…


Suddenly, someone violently swallowed a mouthful of saliva on the quiet square. The remaining individuals had also began to wake one after another. All of them exchanged glances. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Brother Zhu Kun, is what you say the truth?” Gu Yuan steadiness had also diminished because of the shock. He inhaled a couple of deep breaths and said.

“If we count by age, all of you can be considered to be from my...

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