Chapter 1637: First On the Heavenly Flame Ranking

Chapter 1637: First On the Heavenly Flame Ranking

“Creating a Dou Di?”

The air seemed to have solidified under Zhu Kun’s words. Even Gu Yuan could only widen his mouth. He was stunned as he looked at Gu Yuan in front of him.

The atmosphere had solidified for a long while. Only then did it show signs of easing up. After experiencing a lost feeling of one’s head ceasing to work, everyone had finally recovered. Everyone felt it was a little ridiculous. Creating a Dou Di? Even though these words had originated from Zhu Kun’s mouth, it still lacked trustworthiness. The whole world had not produced a single elite Dou Di during these tens of thousands of years. This allowed everyone to understand that the legendary level was too far to imagine.

“You are joking, right?”

Yan Jin widened his mouth. His voice had involuntarily become a little dry. Although his words contained a feeling of complete disbelief, some hope still rose within his heart for some unknown reason when he spoke.

Currently, the situation of the alliance army could be described as being backed into a corner. Once Hun Tiandi advanced to the Dou Di class, they would lose all opportunity. That level was already something that...

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