Chapter 1635: The Ambition of Hun Tiandi

Chapter 1635: The Ambition of Hun Tiandi

The alliance army filled one’s eyes within the mountain range covered with chilly winds. At this moment, Gu Yuan and the rest had a somewhat ugly expression as they stood in front of a ruins around a huge door. It was possible to detect a vague spatial fluctuation from this mess.

“The path to the Hun realm had already been destroyed…” Gu Yuan’s expression was gloomy. He glanced at everyone before he spoke, “Additionally, base on my probing, the Hun realm has already been hidden. It looks like they were prepared.”

Xiao Yan gently exhaled. His expression was grave. It was unexpected that the current situation would be so severe. The Hun clan had completely hide their realm. In this way, even Gu Yuan was unable to find their position within a short while. Although it was impossible for the Hun clan to continue hiding like this forever, all they needed to do was to hide until Hun Tiandi refine that Di tier embryonic pill. At that time, the alliance army had already completely fell into a disadvantage.

“We have already dispatched people to probe the other...

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