Chapter 1634: Fail

Chapter 1634: Fail

This sudden action of Hun Tiandi exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even the Nihility Devouring Flame, who was standing behind, had a change in expression. Immediately, his expression became a little gloomy. Everyone wanted to obtain the Di tier embryonic pill. However, no one expected that Hun Tiandi would swallow it in such a reckless manner…


Zhu Kun’s and Gu Yuan’s expressions became dark and solemn after seeing this scene. A rich murderous intent surged in their eyes as he coldly cried out, :

“Hun Tiandi, you are asking to die!”

“Ha ha, seeking death? That is not guaranteed!”

Hun Tiandi laughed towards the sky upon hearing this. The smile on his face became a little mysterious. At this moment, brilliant light began to rise from within his body. The injuries caused by the combined attacks of Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun was completely healed in an instant. Waves after waves of frightening energy ripples slowly seeped out from within his body.

The expressions of Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun were once again altered after they detected the aura within Hun Tiandi’s body, which had suddenly become many times stronger.

“The energy of the embryonic pill had begun to erupt. His strength will...

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