Chapter 1631: Heavenly Flame Square

Chapter 1631: Heavenly Flame Square

A faint fog enveloped around this mysterious space, causing the entire area to appear misty.

This space was completely quiet. That manner was as though it had been quiet for eons.

A piece of land floated in this seemingly vast and boundaryless space. The land was suspended in the air without any support. It appeared just like a pavilion in the air.


The loneliness that had lasted for a long time had finally been broken today. The misty space had suddenly become distorted. Immediately, a huge spatial tunnel appeared. Soon after, many figures suddenly rushed out from within. Finally, they landed on that plot of land.

“Is this the Ancient God Mansion?” Xiao Yan’s body had just landed on the ground when his eyes hurriedly swept around him. However, he was stunned to discover that even with the great strength of his Di State soul, he was actually unable to probe beyond a ten thousand feet radius. Clearly, this place imposed quite a great pressure towards Spiritual Strength.

Xun Er, Cai Lin and the rest had also swiftly appeared beside Xiao Yan. Their eyes revealed a cautious expression as they watched this...

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