Chapter 1630: Ancient God Mansion Appears

Chapter 1630: Ancient God Mansion Appears

The alliance army became stunned as they saw a monstrous ferocious aura once again surging onto the middle-aged man. On the Hun clan’s side, their originally gloating expression had immediately become ugly...

“Your majesty, the former dragon emperor, is it really you?”

At this moment, Elder Zhu Luo’s whose mind was blurry, had finally awaken. He had also found a face similar to the person in front of him from his distant memory. Immediately, his body trembled continuously from the excitement. Even his old tears had begun to flow.

“Hee, I have thought that you have completely forgotten about this emperor…” The middle-aged man smiled and remarked after heading this.

“This little fellow don’t dare to do so.”

Elder Zhu Huo shook his head repeatedly. Although his external appearance seemed even older, he understood that he was merely a youth back when Zi Yan’s father was in charge of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

The other Elders of the ancient dragon tribe looked at each other. Excitement surged within their eyes. No one had expected the the previous dragon emperor, who was rumoured to be missing, would actually still be alive in this world. With this being...

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