Chapter 1629: Old Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1629: Old Dragon Emperor

The purple-gold light seal was suspended over the huge dragon’s head. Even Zi Yan could only shut her eyes in the face of the great destructive force. However, when she was prepared to endure this sudden extermination like assault when the light seal came to a sudden halt…

Panting sound suddenly appeared across the sky as everyone watched the still light seal above the huge dragon’s head. Some of the experts from the Hun clan revealed disappointed expressions.


Gu Yuan’s expression had become relatively ugly. He clenched his teeth and his body flashed. After which, he gave up on dealing with Hun Tiandi and appeared in front of the mysterious person. He waved his sleeve and a powerful wind forced Zi Yan and Xiao Yan back. Both of his eyes contained some fury as he looked at the mysterious person in front of him and demanded in a deep voice, “Aren’t you a little overboard to use a fatal attack the moment you strike?”

That mysterious person acted as though he did not hear Gu Yuan’s words. His eyes were stunned as they stared at the large golden dragon wrapped around Xiao Yan. He could sense an extremely familiar bloodline scent from within the golden dragon’s body…

That was a bloodline from the same ancestry....

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