Chapter 1628: Crisis

Chapter 1628: Crisis

The bright red magma seemed to have devoured the world. At a glance, it appeared as though the entire world was filled by a hundred thousand feet magma. A terrifyingly high temperature had turned this entire world into a furnace.

Both armies were forced to hastily withdraw because of the monstrous huge magma wave. Many pairs of eyes were shocked as they looked under the magma. At this moment, even they were able to sense an extremely terrifying creature hidden under the sea of magma.

Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi had also halted because of this scene. Their eyes cautiously looked towards the magma sea. Even they could sense a danger under its powerful aura.

“It seems that Xiao Yan is indeed right. There is indeed a mysterious creature guarding the Ancient God Mansion…” Gu Yuan’s face was solemn as his eyes flickered.


The magma waterfall that rose to the air descended abruptly and landed into the magma sea. It turned into a huge wave that quickly spread apart and covered the distant mountain.

With the fall of the giant wave, a huge creature suddenly rose from within the sea of magma. Although it was only...

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