Chapter 1627: Appearance of the Mansion

Chapter 1627: Appearance of the Mansion

Giant waves was suddenly formed on the spacious magma sea. A ten thousand feet large whirlpool was slowly formed on the surface of the sea of magma. There seemed to be something appearing from the end of the whirlpool. A kind of mysterious fluctuation rippled throughout the place.

The unexpected occurrence that had happened on the magma attracted the attention of many. Immediately, a shocked expression surged on their faces.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were grave as they looked at the churning magma whirlpool below. A rich caution rose deep within his eyes. He did not forget that there was a mysterious creature guarding the Ancient God Mansion. If that thing came charging out, there was no predicting what kind of drastic change would occur in this battle.


While Xiao Yan had poured all of his attention into staring at the magma whirlpool, the space a short distance behind him suddenly shook. A miserable old figure appeared. The dense deathly aura, which had originally covered his body, had faded greatly. Clearly, he was seriously injured.

“He is actually still alive?”

Xiao Yan...

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