Chapter 1626: One Against Two

Chapter 1626: One Against Two

“Hun Yuantian?”

Xiao Yan merely smiled as he saw the two old men, whose body were covered with a rich deathly aura. One of them was Hun Yuantian, whose Deathly Silence Gate had been snatched by Xiao Yan back then.

“Little bastard, you have ruins the plans of my Hun clan. You must definitely die today!”

Hun Yuan Tian’s eyes were vicious as they stared at Xiao Yan. Back then, Xiao Yan had taken advantage of his carelessness to snatch the Deathly Silence Gate, causing the Death World to completely collapse. This had resulted in the Hun clan’s army to have no choice but to retreat. If it was not because of the current critical state of affairs, it was likely that he would be seriously punished for making such a big mistake even though he was considered a veteran.

Even though this was the case, he was still frequently reprimanded by Hun Tiandi during this period of time. Naturally, his hatred towards Xiao Yan was currently quite intense.

Xiao Yan simply curled his mouth in the face of Hun Yuantian’s vicious words. Immediately, he glanced at the two people in front of him. A grave expression flashed across his eyes. The Hun clan had directly dispatched two eight star Dou Shengs to hold...

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