Chapter 1625: Battle for the Mansion

Chapter 1625: Battle for the Mansion

The black cloud covered the sky, which seemed to have turned dim in an instant. Monstrous like aura spread in the black cloud and reverberated across this place. It caused the land to shake slightly.

There were presently still many people and faction remaining in the Black-Corner Region. Although Xiao Yan and the others had already warned them, these people did not choose to leave. Most of those who could survive in the Black-Corner Region were heartless and bold individuals. Hence it was naturally not easy to get them to abandon the territory that they had fought for many years with just a few words.

Xiao Yan and the others simply left things as it was after their warning was unheeded. They would naturally regret it when the time come.

The Xiao Gate had also been sent into the Heavenly Tomb early on. Regardless of what the situation was, this was after all a faction he had established back then. He would naturally not hold back if he could help them.

Hence, the current Black-Corner Region was much emptier as compared to before. Although some stubborn fellows refused to leave, there were also some decisive individuals. After all, the massacre that had happened a...

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