Chapter 1624: Arrival of a Big Battle

Chapter 1624: Arrival of a Big Battle

Jia Nan Academy.

Many students came and went along a big road with trees lined by the side. The energy unique to the young men and women spread across the forest. They were completely unaware of the big battle that was about to arrive. Hence, they did not panic. Their conversations were all related to the scene when Xiao Yan had appeared back then. The tone they used was filled with admiration and excitement.

Xiao Yan was lying on a tall tree in his rare relaxed moment. He looked at the azure sky while his mouth was chewing onto a grass, which gradually filled it with some bitterness. It had been many years since he was able to quietly lie in the academy and watch the sky.

“It has been many years…”

Xiao Yan shut his eyes and involuntarily sighed quietly. Now that he thought about it, the scene of his training within this Jia Nan Academy back then was still fresh in his mind. Yet, in the blink of an eye, he was already no longer the youth from back then…

“It has indeed been many years…”

A soft voice was suddenly transmitted from beside Xiao Yan’s ears. He opened his eyes and looked at the...

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