Chapter 1620: Re-entering the Magma World

Chapter 1620: Re-entering the Magma World

Everyone make some brief introductions within the Meeting Room before taking their seats.

“There have already been many factions within the Black-Corner Region, which had been turned into a bloodbath by the Hall of Soul. However, those fellows have already been eliminated.” Xiao Yan looked at everyone before he slowly opened his mouth and said.

The face of Su Qian’s group involuntarily twitched upon hearing this. Given these people’s terrifying strength, it was not impossible to exterminate the entire Black-Corner Region.

“The Black-Corner Region does not have a great enmity with them, does it?” Su Qian laughed bitterly. The Hall of Soul was a faction of the Central Plains. There is seldom any interaction between this place and the Central Plains. Hence, they were unable to imagine why the Hall of Soul would do such a thing.

Xiao Yan exchanged glances with Mang Tian Chi before nodding his head. After which, he opened his mouth and summarised the occurrence on the Central Plains. This also included the current fight between the alliance and the Hun clan…

“You are really extraordinary. In over a decade, you have actually already...

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