Chapter 162: The Three Things Necessary to Refine the Heavenly Flame

Chapter 162: The Three Things Necessary to Refine the Heavenly Flame

On one of the mountain ranges at the eastern border of the Magic Beast Mountain Range.

Standing on the peak of a mountain, Xiao Yan lifted his head and watched the Blue Eagle circling in the sky. He waved to the white dressed lady gracefully standing on the eagle’s back and shouted with a smile, “Fairy Doctor, we’ll part here. We’ll meet again if we are destined to.”

“Take care, Xiao Yan!”

The Fairy Doctor lowered her head and stared at the young man on the mountain with a smile. The smile contained some sorrow but after she waved her hand, she did not linger. She directed the Blue Eagle and adjusted her body before flying toward the western sky amidst a clear eagle cry.

Standing at the mountain peak, Xiao Yan’s gaze continued to send that faint blue shadow off until it disappeared into the horizon. After which, he took in a gradual breath. After this parting of ways, it was difficult to tell just how long they needed to wait before they would see each other again. Moreover, when they did see each other again, maybe everything between them had changed drastically.

Xiao Yan’s face was a little lonely. A moment later, however, Xiao Yan shook his head and abandoned his thoughts.

Xiao Yan stood on the peak for a long time, waiting for his emotions to calm down before he turned around and walked towards the base of the mountain with the large Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back.

The place where Xiao Yan was currently at was not within the boundary of Qingshan Town. After all, these small towns were not rare near the Magic Beast Mountain Range.

The city that was currently located closest to Xiao Yan was a huge city situated in the eastern province of the Jia Ma Empire. Its size was much more majestic compared to Wu Tan City. If one were to discuss its military strength, this city was among the strongest when compared with all of the large cities within the Jia Ma Empire.

Xiao Yan currently planned to first hurry to Black Rock City. This was because only such large sized cities would be allocated a Flying Transportation Fleet by the empire for the commoner’s use. After all, the Magic Beast Mountain Rage and the eastern border were too far apart. If Xiao Yan were to walk over, he might need at least four to five months. However, Xiao Yan currently did not have time to squander. Thus, he must head to Black Rock City to take one of the Flying Transportation Fleets toward the border of the empire.

Of course, Xiao Yan could also directly use the Purple Cloud Wings to fly there. However, even with his recent promotion to the Dou Shi level, it was a little impossible for him to pass through over half of the Jia Ma Empire.

Moreover, it would be far too easy to be noticed by people if he used the Purple Cloud Wings to fly. With the Jia Ma Empire being so vast, there were many strong people hiding within it; he did not want to get himself into unnecessary trouble. The reason for avoiding trouble was that it was far too time consuming. As he had said earlier, the thing that he was in need of the most was time.

After descending from the peak, Xiao Yan arrived at a small town. He rested for awhile before hiring the fastest carriage available and at the fastest speed, rushed toward Black Rock City without stopping.

Although this town was the closest to Black Rock City, the horse carriage took most of the afternoon before Xiao Yan could faintly see the city’s huge outline.

Standing on the horse carriage, Xiao Yan watched the huge city that was reflecting a dim reddish light under the setting sun and let out a faint sigh.

As the horse carriage grew closer, Xiao Yan realized that the enormous city walls were actually built from numerous blocks of neatly arranged Black Rock. According to the old driver of the horse carriage, the city walls had withstood the a smashing attack from the combined strength of two Dou Wang without shaking. From this, it could be understood just how strong the defense of the walls were.

After paying the taxes for the horse carriage at the city’s gate, it was successfully let in. The horse carriage passed through a dark tunnel through the city wall. A moment later, Xiao Yan’s sight was open and clear while the noisy sound of people’s voices came pouring into Xiao Yan ears from all directions. Being unprepared, Xiao Yan’s head swelled slightly.

Xiao Yan’s head was a little giddy as he walked out of the carriage under the smiling gaze of the old man. He paid the fare and watched the horse carriage scattering about as it left. Standing blankly on a street, Xiao Yan observed the surrounding jumble of the crowd. Having been used to the quietness of the valley, Xiao Yan suddenly found that he did not know what to do.

“First, find a place for the night. I’m not sure if this Black Rock City has any Alchemist Association. If there is, it would be best to go and take the test and see if you can achieve a tier two grade.” Yao Lao voice suddenly sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Go to the Alchemist Association?” Xiao Yan stilled as he asked in a stunned voice, “Won’t that mean that I would expose my identity as an alchemist?”

“...” Hearing this Yao Lao was a little speechless. After a long while, he said in a manner that suggested he did not know whether to laugh or cry, “I never told you to hide your identity as an alchemist, right? You’re the one who’s been trying to hide. I know that you like to keep a low profile but you should know that the most frightening thing of an alchemist is not just that they can make medicinal pills. Rather, it is that they have and create an enormous network. After all, there are many strong people who required medicinal pills. When they need these pills, they need to get an alchemist to help them. Once the strong people owe the alchemists favors, won’t these strong people be the best fighters when the alchemists meet any trouble in the future?”

“Back then, there was a time where someone came to seek revenge on me. The other side had a Dou Zhong, three Dou Huangs and five Dou Wangs… Do you want to know what happened next?” Yao Lao said with a smile as he suddenly paused at this point.

With the most important portion being severed off, Xiao Yan could only helplessly shake his head and ask, “What happened next?”

“After that I used spiritual communication. Uh, this is something you will know in the future. What happened next… Three Dou Zhongs, Eight Dou Huangs, Twelve Dou Wangs and Eighteen Dou Lings along with others that I cannot remember came. The result, I believe, you should be able to imagine.” Yao Lao, who was full of smiles, replied.

Xiao Yan’s steps suddenly froze. He slowly lifted his head and took in a breath of cool air. Three Dou Zhongs, eight Dou Huangs, twelve Dou Wangs… this kind of frightening line-up should have no problem destroying even an entire empire. Did alchemists really possesses such an enormous power?

“Ah. So, it does not hurt if you occasionally reveal your identity as an alchemist.”

“It seems that there’s some logic to it. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the Alchemist Association to test if I can be promoted to a tier two alchemist.”

Xiao Yan was still a little dazzled as he scratched his head. However, he soon nodded his head and accepted it. Xiao Yan was not the type to be begging for favors so if he had the opportunity to let a strong person owe him a favor, he would naturally grab the chance. If there was no such chance, it was not something to be anxious about.

“Ah, additionally, if you have the time, go and take a look at the auction house here. If there’s a rank three Monster Core, try your best to purchase it.” Yao Lao voiced his thoughts once more, “Although we have not found any type of Heavenly Flame, we still ought to perform all of the preparation steps. Otherwise, if you luckily found one, you might well have to abandon the extremely rare chance of consuming it.”

“A rank three Monster Core? That is the last ingredient needed for refining the ‘Blood Lotus Pill’, isn’t it?” Xiao Yan asked as he slowly walked down the street. His gaze was randomly sweeping over the surrounding shops.

“Yes. If you want to swallow the Heavenly Flame, you will need the help of at least three indispensable things. The ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ is one of them.”

“The ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ is an essential thing that allows you to come into close contact with a Heavenly Flame. Without its protection, even a Dou Huang would not dare to simply come into contact with a ‘Heavenly Flame’, much less a small Dou Shi like you.”

“‘Ice Spirit Cold Fountain’. If the ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ is meant to protect the exterior of your body, then this ‘Ice Spirit Cold Fountain’ is meant to protect the inside of your body. It can protect you from the destructive temperature of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ when you are refining it, preventing you from being burnt till nothing remains.”

“The last item is known as Acceptance Soul. This thing can create a special space in your body which is used to store a Heavenly Flame. After all, if you have not completely refined the flame, the kind of destructive ability of a Heavenly Flame would incinerate everything, including your vortex and body, except this kind of space of nothingness.

“However, an Acceptance Soul is very rare. I heard that it also has some relationship with the storage rings. An Acceptance Soul can only be found at the center of the highest grade Storage Stone which makes Storage Rings. You should know that the highest grade Storage Stone is the essential raw material in smelting a high-grade storage ring, so its rarity can be imagined. The presence of an Acceptance Soul in a high-grade Acceptance Stone is not very high. Ah… now you should know the extent of the rarity of an Acceptance Soul.”

Xiao Yan opened his mouth, his face was lifeless. A long while later, he bitterly laughed and shook his head, “The Ice Spirit Cold Fountain and the Acceptance Soul are two things that I have never even heard of. Where do you want me to go to look for it?”

“You need not worry too much about the Acceptance Soul. Back then, when I was searching for a Heavenly Flame, I coincidentally prepared a little bit extra. Hence, the only thing that you lack is the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain and the rank three Monster Core.” Yao Lao replied with a smile.

“Where can I find the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain?” Xiao Yan asked while laughing drily.

“An extremely cold place or an extremely hot place…” Yao Lao answered with a smile.

“It is also present in an extremely hot place? Things go into reverse when pushed to the extreme?” Xiao Yan blinked his eyes and asked in a surprised voice.

“It is precisely this theory.” Yao Lao nodded his head. He then continued while smiling, “Of course, if you are lucky enough, you may be able to get it from someone else’s hands or the auction house. But I think that the chances aren’t that great. After all, as long as someone has a bit of a decent knowledge, they would know that that thing is extremely rare. Normally, they would not easily take it out.”

“If we fail to prepare all these… but we luckily meet a ‘Heavenly Flame’, what do we do?” Xiao Yan rolled his eyes as he asked.

“Then we run. Abandon the chance, regardless of how hard it is to come by. Without these three essential things, you will die if you touch the ‘Heavenly Flame’!” Yao Lao said blandly without the slightest hesitation in his voice.

“Aren’t there any substitutes?” Xiao Yan asked in a dissatisfied voice.

“There are. However, these three things are selected by me as the most suitable support items when refining the ‘Heavenly Flame’ after countless of experiments. To bluntly put it, if you were to say that you have a preparation method that would greatly increase the chances of success in refining a ‘Heavenly Flame’, numerous alchemists would spend a shocking sum in order to obtain it!” Yao Lao’s voice contained a little pride. It appeared that these three items had really involved a lot of effort on his part.

Shaking his head as he smiled bitterly, Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused outside a spacious and luxurious hotel. He sighed, “Alright, I will try my best to get the rank three Monster Core and the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain. However, whether I can get hold of them is something I’m not certain of.”

“Now, we should go and rest for the night. After visiting the Alchemist Association tomorrow, we should go and stop by at the auction house. Hopefully, we will not be disappointed.”

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