Chapter 1619: Reunion of Old Friends

Chapter 1619: Reunion of Old Friends

The entire place was silent. Many pairs of eyes containing various emotions were stunned as they looked at the black figure standing on the head of the statue. A breeze blew and the black robe fluttered. Black hair scattered above the figure’s head. It was a simple and ordinary back but this back seemed to be as mighty and heavy as a mountain in the eyes of those present…

“Xiao Yan…”

The eyes of Su Qian and the others were extremely stunned as they paused on the black clothed figure. A moment later, their originally hopeless hearts once again become excited. Were they going to be saved today?

“It is really him…”

Xiao Yu covered her red lips with her hand. Although it had been over a decade since she had last saw him, that familiar back was still something that she was accustomed to. However, this back seemed to be even steadier than it was back then.

“Senior sister… is that the legendary senior Xiao Yan? He is really powerful. Even Old Qian and Old Bai was unable to stop that person from earlier. Yet, he had simply killed that person with a single strike…”

The large crowd suddenly emitted many voices after it was quiet for a moment. All the gazes were filled with a brilliance as they looked...

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