Chapter 1618: Arrive In Time

Chapter 1618: Arrive In Time

Su Qian and the rest had a drastic change in expression after they heard the cold cry that was filled with murderous intent from the black robed person in the sky.

“Send the signal. Inform the Xiao Gate!” Su Qian cried out in a deep voice. These people had an unknown origin but they were extremely powerful. Many of them were people whom even he could not see through.


Hu Jia by the side nodded her pretty head in a grave manner. A signal flare was swiftly shot out from her finger before it exploded in the sky. Rushing wind sound appeared in the distance the moment the signal was unleashed. Soon after, dozens of figures flew out and appeared in the sky.

“First Elder Su Qian, what is the matter?” The leader, who had hurried over, was a middle-aged large man. His expression was cold and stern as he started at the black robed individuals in the sky. They were the guards from the Xiao Gate, which had been stationed at the Jia Nan Academy. Hence, they were able to quickly hurry over the moment they received the signal.

“There is some trouble.”

Su Qian spoke in a deep voice. Immediately, he stared at those people in black robes in the sky, cupped his hands together and asked, “Friends, may I know just...

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