Chapter 1617: Calamity of the Black-Corner Region

Chapter 1617: Calamity of the Black-Corner Region

The outer regions of the Black-Corner Region.

Dozens of black robed figures quietly advanced on the mountain road. A moment later, they paused just beyond the edge of the mountain road where a gate was situation.

“Who is it? This place is my Demon Blade Gate’s mountain gate. All passerby should hurry up and leave!”

Over a dozen people guarding the mountain quickly lifted their ghost blades in their hands after this group of somewhat strange individuals paused in front of the gate. A fierce glint flashed across their eyes as they spoke in a stern voice.

“The Black-Corner Region is beyond this place, right?” The leader of the group of black robed individual spoke in a faint elderly voice.

“Humph, since you are aware that it is the Black-Corner Region, why don’t you hurry up and get lost? This is not a place that anyone can simply barge in!” A strong man at the gate, who appeared to be the leader, let out a cold snort.

“It looks like we have come to the right place…”

The leader involuntarily laughed after hearing this. He slowly lifted his head and revealed an indifferent face under those black robes. His bone like hand was extended from his sleeve as he spoke in an indifferent...

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