Chapter 1616: The Location of the Ancient God Mansion

Chapter 1616: The Location of the Ancient God Mansion

Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Zhan, who was playing with Xiao Xiao within the courtyard. He smiled slightly as he heard the old and young laughter. Perhaps it was because there was a blood relation between them but after this period of familiarization, Xiao Xiao had clearly become a little familiar with this grandfather, who was a stranger. Her joyous manner completely did not treat him as an outsider.

“Teacher, is there any news of the Hun clan?” Xiao Yan turned his head around after glancing at the courtyard. He looked at Yao Lao under the stone pavilion and asked.

Yao Lao held the teacup and took a gently sip. Immediately, he frowned and nodded.

“Father has been monitoring the Hun clan realm during this period of time. However, there was no signs of a large group of people entering and leaving. There has been hardly anyone who had left the Hun clan alone. We have also completely cut off these Hun clan members who had appeared alone. However, we did not obtain any useful news.” Xun Er by the side softly said.

Xiao Yan also knitted his brow tightly. Logically speaking, the Hun clan should not be acting in such a...

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