Chapter 1612: Serenity

Chapter 1612: Serenity

After the alliance army withdrew back to the Sky Mansion Alliance, the entire Central Plains had undoubtedly turned into an uproar. The three great ancient clans and the overlord of the Central Plains, the Sky Mansion Alliance. This alliance army was so powerful that one could not describe it with words. Any faction would be turned into dust under the might of this army.

This shock, which caused everyone to panic, did not last for long before the news of the all out war between the alliance army and the Hun clan was spread. After all, the big battle between the alliance army and the Hun clan at the Burial Mountain Range was really far too earthshaking. It was impossible for that kind of big war not to attract attention. Hence,the moment the big battle ended and the alliance army withdrew, news of the battle began to spread to every corner of the Central Plains.

Some of the factions, which had some conflict with the Sky Mansion Alliance, quietly sighed in relief after hearing that the target of the alliance army was the Hun clan. Soon after, however, they could sense the most terrifying storm in a thousand years would soon sweep over the Central Plains with their sharp senses....

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