Chapter 1611: Plan

Chapter 1611: Plan

“How hateful, they had still managed to escape…”

Lei Ying and the others clenched their teeth with great dissatisfaction as they looked at the place where the black hole had disappeared. It was unexpected that even the three great clans and the Sky Mansion Alliance were actually unable to to retain the Hun clan…

“The strength that the Hun clan had displayed had far exceed what we knew about them in the past.” Yan Jin’s expression was grave. From a certain point of view, the current Hun clan is no longer something that any single faction could fight against alone. Even the Gu clan was unable to do so. It was precisely because of this that the danger he felt in his heart had increased. If the three clans had not cooperated, it was likely that they would be finished off by the Hun clan one at a time. Their fate would likely be no different for the Yao, Ling and Shi clan.

“The Hun clan has hidden too deeply during these years…” Gu Yuan, whose hair was in a mess, had a face that was also unusually grave. They always thought that even if the Gu clan was unable to defeat the Hun clan with its strength,...

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