Chapter 161: Parting

Chapter 161: Parting

After leaping out from the mountain cave, Xiao Yan’s gaze swept around the valley. At the moment, the lamp within the small straw house was still lit. Outside the straw house, a gentle and beautiful figure who was wearing a white dress was seated on a small chair. Leaning against the door and borrowing the light from the fire behind her, the figure’s head was lowered, engrossed in the seven colored scroll in her hand.

Appearing to have heard the sound of footsteps a short distance away, the Fairy Doctor knitted her eyebrows together and removed her gaze from the scroll. She watched the young man slowly walk over under the moonlight and could not help but smile, “Have you succeeded in your training? There’s still some warm food in the house.”

Hearing this warm and soft voice, Xiao Yan’s heart was a little moved. These words and this scenery made the Fairy Doctor seem like a young wife that had waited for her husband to return after a long day. The soft and gentle voice contained concern and expectation.

The expression on his face grew increasingly gentle as Xiao Yan approached. He sat beside the Fairy Doctor, glanced at the Seven colored Poison Book in her hand and swept his gaze across her pretty...

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