Chapter 1608: Taking For His Own

Chapter 1608: Taking For His Own

Black Qi lingered over the large gate. Lin Dong sat down. His eyes were filled with ridicule as he observed Hun Yuantian in front of him, whose eyes had turned blood red almost immediately. If this fellow had come and fight him after trapping him in the Deathly Silence Gate, it might be possible to suppress Xiao Yan a little. However, this person ended up being too arrogant and chose to ignore Xiao Yan, thinking that the death Qi within Deathly Silence Gate was sufficient to gradually weaken Xiao Yan. Who could have expected that the death Qi was not only unable to block the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame but even the soul stone he hid within the Deathly Silence Gate had been found by Xiao Yan…

The spiritual stone could be considered to be the most important thing within the Deathly Silence Gate. Hun Yuantian had also hid it extremely well. However, he had forgotten that Xiao Yan, whose soul had stepped into the Di State, only needed to think about it in order to probe every part of the entire Deathly Silence Gate. Regardless of how well the spiritual stone was hidden, it would appear in front of Xiao Yan’s probing.

With the spiritual stone being found and...

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