Chapter 1605: Big Battle

Chapter 1605: Big Battle

Killing desire suddenly surged within the eyes of Lei Ying, Huo Jin and the rest after Xiao Yan’s words sounded. The energy around them began to fluctuated intensely.

“Set up the formation!”

A couple of stern cries resounded throughout the sky at almost the same time. Those from the Gu clan, Yan clan, Lei clan and even the Hun clan began to activate their formations with lightning like speed. Terrifying Dou Qi pillars charged to the clouds from all directions. The mighty aura caused the hearts of those observers outside of the mountain range to tremble. They repeatedly rejoiced that they had not charge in. Otherwise, they would likely perish in the face of such a violent big battle.

“It seems that all of you are indeed unwilling to give up…”

The smile on Hun Tiandi’s face was slowly withdrawn as he stood in the sky. He once again transformed into that seemingly cheerful indifferent manner. He lowered his head to look at Xiao Yan’s group. It seemed that he was unsurprised at their sudden attack. He also understood that Yu Yuan, Xiao Yan and the others would definitely not simply sit back and watch their Hun clan...

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