Chapter 1603: Burial Sky Mountain Range

Chapter 1603: Burial Sky Mountain Range

The Burial Sky Mountain Range stood at the north-western region of the Central Plains. It was likely that many on the current continent were unfamiliar with this region. However, it was extremely well known to some of the older generation of the ancient clans. This was because this place was where the Hun and Xiao clans had fought back then. The big war had once shook the entire Central Plains.

There was an ancient battlefield deep within the mountain range. The battlefield was extremely vast and there was usually many Magical Beasts present. It could be considered a dangerous place. Hence, it appeared a little desolated.

The ancient battlefield today appeared somewhat mysterious. Those Magical Beasts which used to roam unchecked, had completely disappeared. It was actually impossible to find even a single Magical Beast on this huge battlefield. That scene appeared as though they had detected an earthshaking big battle that was about to erupt in this place.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

A series of loud rushing wind sound suddenly resounded over the mountain range, which all was absent of all beast roars....

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