Chapter 1602: Dispatchment of the Army

Chapter 1602: Dispatchment of the Army

“Young Miss, young master Xiao Yan, it is time.”

The elderly face of Ling Ying wore a smile as he stood in front of the bamboo house and looked at the tightly shut door. His voice was soft as he called out.


The door squeak and Xiao Yan slowly walked out from the room. The energy around the place seemed to have been vaguely disturbed after he stepped forward. Those deep dark black eyes appeared as though it was a divine being that ruled over the souls. Ling Ying involuntarily bowed lower under the scanning of those eyes. The pleased expression on the corner of his mouth became increasingly dense. In the distant past, the young man had still appeared a little tender. Yet, he had reached the peak within a short few decades. Even Ling Ying could only look up to him.

“Young miss’s eyesight is extremely good…” Ling Ying smiled warmly. He lifted his head and looked at the beauty quietly standing beside the young man. It was as though this brightest pearl of the Gu clan would hide her dazzling brilliance only beside Xiao Yan and...

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