Chapter 1598: Extracting the Soul Essence

Chapter 1598: Extracting the Soul Essence

“Incinerating one’s soul? Xiao Xuan, you are crazy!”

That huge face suddenly revealed a great shock after seeing the strange flame rising from Xiao Xuan’s body. His sharp voice cried out, “Incinerating one’s soul. You are going to completely vanish from this world!”

“Incinerating one’s soul?”

Xiao Yan’s body trembled violently as he stood below. His expression immediately changed drastically. Being an alchemist, he naturally understood why a soul would ignite. This was a method similar to the self-destruction of one’s body, which made it possible to unleash an extremely great strength for a temporary period of time. However, the price of it was one’s life. This soul ignition was similar. It burns one’s soul in order to obtain a sudden increase in strength. The price of it was one’s soul would completely be destroyed.


Xiao Yan’s body shook slightly. His eyes involuntarily turned slightly red. Xiao Xuan did not mention that he would ignite his own soul…

“My mission has been completed. It is unimportant whether I live or die.” Xiao...

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