Chapter 1597: Heavenly Tomb Soul

Chapter 1597: Heavenly Tomb Soul

“Di State… soul…”

Xiao yan was startled as he watched the smiling Xiao Xuan. However, his mouth had turned try due to the shock from the latter’s words. Anything that was even the least bit related with the word “Di” in this world would be synonymous with being strong. It did not matter whether it was a Dou Di or a Di tier medicinal pill. All of these were supreme in the eyes of everyone. Similarly, the Di state soul also belonged in this category.

Dou Di, Di tier medicinal pill, Di State soul.

Amongst the three types of ‘Di’, there was a much higher possibility of one reaching the third given the current condition of the continent. After all, this level did not require one to absorb the so called “Essence Di Qi”. However, this did not mean that one could easily advance into the Di State soul. Base on Xiao Yan’s guess, there was likely only two individuals on the current Dou Qi continent whose soul had reached the Di State. They were Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi.

Xiao Yan’s current Spiritual Strength had remained at the perfect Heavenly...

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