Chapter 1594: Discussion

Chapter 1594: Discussion

The entire mountain range was unusually quiet as everyone watched the spatial crack in the sky slowly being closed up. Many experts in the Gu clan had gloomy expressions. Although the Gu clan was not destroyed by the Hun clan like the Ling clan, they had still lost the ancient jade. From a certain point of view, the Gu clan had suffered quite a big loss in the fight with the Hun clan…

The light throughout the mountains slowly disappeared. Finally, it completely disappeared. It was fortunately that there was proper command. Otherwise, the entire mountain range would have been turned into dust in the battle. This would be considered a big loss to the Gu clan.

Xiao Yan’s fist was tightly clenched after he saw the light curtain disappeared. The Hun clan was indeed planning to use his father to exchange for the ancient jade…

“Half a month later…”

Xiao Yan pressed his lips tightly together. A chillness surged within his eyes.

Gu Yuan’s expression was gloomy as he watched the spot where the crack had disappeared in the sky. He did not speak. The three immortals of the Gu clan behind him also sighed quietly....

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