Chapter 1592: Snatching the Jade

Chapter 1592: Snatching the Jade

“Black Submerged Army, capture him!”

Xun Er’s cold cry sounded almost immediately after the figure shot out from within the mountain. She did not find that figure unfamiliar.

“Spirit Restraining Net!”

Many figures flew over the sky after Xun Er’s cold cry sounded. An orderly loud roar sounded while powerful Dou Qi swiftly formed into a huge Dou Qi net in the sky. Finally, it came pressing over that figure from all directions. The huge net contained a special fluctuation. If one was caught within the web, one would fall into the hands of the many Black Submerged Army’s warriors and have difficulty escaping.


That figure did not appear to panic in the face of the huge energy net. His hands formed some seals and dozens of ferocious wind shot out. The wind continuously shot towards the various parts of the net. Soon after, the wind whistled and actually forced the huge net back. After which, he hurriedly lifted his head and looked at the distant sky. His body moved and his speed was raised to the limit as he hurried towards the sky.

“It’s pointless. He is extremely familiar...

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