Chapter 1591: Search

Chapter 1591: Search


The hurried warning siren resounded over this world in a deafening manner. It immediately spread apart. It caused the expressions of all the members of the Gu clan suddenly changed drastically.

“Hun Tiandi!”

Gu Yuan’s expression was icy cold. His eyes stared at Hun Tiandi. The sky had suddenly become a lot dimmer. Vast and mighty natural energy whistled from behind. It connected the sky and land. Looking from a distance, it appeared just like an endless energy tide. Splashing noise resounded continuously.

An energy tide was usually formed only when there was an unnatural natural phenomenon occurring. This spectacular scene was also something that the human strength could not reach. However, that energy tide, which might not even be seen in a hundred years was actually formed from a mere thought by Gu Yuan. The strength of a nine star Dou Sheng was actually this frightening…

The seemingly endless energy tide churned continuously. That pressure, which came spreading over, caused even Hun Yan and the others who made up the four demon saints of the Hun clan to adopt an extremely solemn expression. They did not doubt that if they were to attack, it was likely that...

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