Chapter 1590: Strange

Chapter 1590: Strange

Gu Yuan’s voice was just like an explosion from nowhere, causing those present to stiffen their bodies. An instant later, many shocked eyes were suddenly lifted. They looked at the empty space. Dou Qi began to surge out from the bodies of those Black Submerged Army, who were still observing Xiao Yan’s battle earlier, in all directions.

“Hun Tiandi?”

The name Gu Yuan continuously resounded and exploded in Xiao Yan’s ear. This caused his fist to be slowly tightened. That main culprit who had nearly caused the Xiao clan to be exterminated was finally… about to appear?

“Gu clan, be alert!”

The three immortals from the Gu clan rushed towards the sky at almost the same time. A stern cry reverberated throughout the place. Immediately, many rays of light flew passed the mountain range. All the experts from the Gu clan appeared together. Immediately, a vast and mighty aura surged in the sky. That lineup caused Xiao Yan to inhale a breath of cold air. Was this the strength of the Gu clan…

Gu Yuan’s body was suspended in the sky while Dou Qi surged through it. Both of his hands were placed...

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