Chapter 159: Advancing to Dou Shi!

Chapter 159: Advancing to Dou Shi!

“About to break through?”

Xiao Yan looked at Yao Lao, stunned. It was a while before he gradually recovered his wits after the shock from these words. He proceeded to say, half in disbelief, half in happiness.


Feeling the energy in the surroundings rush about, Yao Lao smiled, “Prepare to break through, this is your chance. If you miss it, you’ll never know how long you will have to wait until your next opportunity.”

Emotionally nodding his head, Xiao Yan had no time to determine what level his Qi Method had evolved to as he hurriedly once again sat down. Both his hands came together to form a training seal before his thoughts submerged into his body.

As Xiao Yan entered into a training state, the surrounding energy that was rushing about became increasingly wild and violent. Until finally, Xiao Yan’s body seemed to become a black hole as it continuously devoured the violent energy.

Xiao Yan’s mind entered into his body and hastily started directing the incoming energy that was flooding in through his pores. Although there was a large quantity of this energy, there were...

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