Chapter 1588: Spar

Chapter 1588: Spar

Xiao Yan’s words had undoubtedly stirred an uproar in this place. Soon after, many warriors from the Black Submerged Army cheered in usion. On the other hand, those members of the Lei clan had ugly expressions. This was the first time that they had been looked down upon.

“Humph, Xiao Yan, you should not act overly arrogantly!”

Lei Yun’s smiling face had also disappeared while he cried out loud.

“There are times when trying to win with words is not good…” Xiao Yan smiled slightly. His expression was calm and without ripple. He had also clearly heard what Lei Yun had said earlier. Although he did not wish to find fault with the latter, his heart involuntarily felt some displeasure at him making fun of Xun Er. Moreover, he also understood in his heart that if he wished to get these wild people to obediently shut their mouths, he would need some brutal tactics.

Lei Dong frowned tightly. He looked at the black clothed young man in front of him and vaguely felt a sense of danger within his heart. Other people might think that Xiao Yan defeating Hun Mie Shen was merely rumours but he clearly understood in his heart that this was indeed the truth. Moreover, he...

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