Chapter 1587: Fighting

Chapter 1587: Fighting

There was a training ground a short distance outside the main hall of the Gu Realm. This was a place where the Black Submerged Army usually trained. It was also the place where many youths from the Gu clan loved to come. Hence, this place was quite lively. Additionally, with the arrival of the Lei and Yan clans’ heads today, many of the outstanding members of the younger generation from both clans had also arrived. These young people did not join the so called important matters. Hence, they had all gathered in this place. It was inevitable for youths to be a little impulsive. This was especially when these youths from the ancient clans met…

At this moment, there was a densely packed black mass of people gathered on the training ground. Most of these people were wearing black armours. They were the renown Black Submerged Army of the Gu clan. Their overall fighting strength was quite powerful. At the very least, with the exception of the Hun clan, none of the other two clans could beast the Black Submerged Army in terms of overall strength.

Being able to become a member of the Black Submerged...

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