Chapter 1586: Lei Dong

Chapter 1586: Lei Dong

Other than Xiao clan, which was the first to decline, the Gu and Hun clans should be considered the strongest amongst the eight ancient clans. Ranked behind them were the Yan and Lei clan. The bloodline strength of both clans had not showed any signs of exhausting even after so many years. Hence, the clans were filled with talented individuals. Although they were unable to compare with the Gu and Hun clans, they were far stronger than the Yao, Shi and Ling clans could match. Perhaps it was this reason the two clans were not the first to be eliminated by the Hun clan.

A soft persimmon was easy to squeeze. Clearly, the Yan and Lei clan were not included in this statement. Of course, after all the easy targets were destroyed, their turn would come sooner or later…

The Gu clan appeared quite lively today. Being visited by the clan heads of the Yan and Lei clans was considered an important matter even to the Gu clan. Hence, their stance was extremely solemn. It could be considered to have given both clan heads sufficient face.

By the time Xiao Yan and Xun Er had arrived outside the hall, the place was already filled with people. It clearly...

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