Chapter 1583:

Chapter 1583:

A shocked expression rose within Yao Ling’s pretty eyes as she stood a short distance from Xiao Yan and watched Hun Sha turning around and flee. Clearly, she did not expect that Xiao Yan was actually able to frighten off such an expert.

“Mister Xiao Yan, have you refined the tier 9 Mysterious Pill?” Yao Ling could not resist opening her mouth and asked. Being an alchemist, she was naturally well aware of just how terrifying a tier 9 Mysterious Pill was. Hence, it was a little difficult for her to imagine that Xiao Yan was actually able to refine it within this short ten minutes.

“How can it be so easy? I have merely refined a portion of it.” Xiao Yan shook his head. A wild joy rose within his eyes. It was unexpected that the tier 9 Mysterious Pill was actually this terrifying. He had only just refined a portion of it but it had already allowed his to progress from the advance level five star Dou Sheng class to the six star Dou Sheng class. No wonder even Hun Sha greatly coveted such miraculous pill.

“If I completely refine the tier 9 Mysterious Pill, I might perhaps be able to steadily reach the intermediate level six...

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