Chapter 1582: Push Back

Chapter 1582: Push Back

The figure which appeared in front of Xiao Yan was wearing green long robes.His hair was completely white. A smile hung on his fair looking face, giving him a somewhat immortal like feeling.

“Hun Sha, you should restrain yourself now that you have reached the territory of the Gu clan after such a long chase…” The green robed old man smilingly looked at Hun Sha, who murderous aura filled the air, and laughed. From the way he spoke, it seemed that he had already sensed Xiao Yan being chased by Hun Sha since a long time ago.

“Gu Dao, the three immortals of the Gu clan…” Hun Sha’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the green robed old man. A solemn expression surged onto his face. It was unexpected that he had ended up meeting such a troublesome person the moment he had arrived.

“My target is him! It has nothing to do with the Gu clan!”

The green robed old man, who was called Gu Dao, smilingly shook his head upon hearing this. He said, “Ha ha, this won’t do. Xiao Yan is considered half a member of the Gu clan. It is impossible for me to hand him over to you. Hun Sha, you should hurry up and leave. Fighting in this place is disadvantageous to you.”

Xiao Yan was startled after...

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