Chapter 1581: Flee

Chapter 1581: Flee

A deep thunder like sound suddenly appeared in the vast sky. Immediately, a bright light that caused one to be stunned flashed across the sky. In a flash, it appeared in the horizon. The rumbling explosion caused many experts along the way to raise their heads in shock.

Soon after the bright light flashed across the sky, a monstrous evil aura suddenly spread across the sky from behind. A black light flew passed. The monstrous evil aura caused many experts to be frightened. Even some of the sects did not dare to pay attention to it. Just a random wave of a hand by that kind of expert would likely eliminate the entire faction. The chasing conducted by such an expert was not something that they could observe.

“This fellow really doesn’t give up.”

The bright light flashed through the sky. The figure inside paused momentarily and frowned upon sensing the murderous aura from behind.

That figure was naturally Xiao Yan who had fled after exchanging blows with Hun Sha. However, he did not expect that the latter would actually continue to follow him. From the looks of it, the...

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