Chapter 1579: Escape

Chapter 1579: Escape

The frightening extermination storm swept apart within the Yao Realm. Other than a small number of extremely powerful individuals, most of those who were struck by it were turned into ashes in an instant. The might from the self-destruction of a seven star Dou Sheng could really annihilate the world.

“This old lunatic…”

Faced with this extermination storm that spread across the place, those experts from the Hall of Soul, who were originally planning on stopping Xiao Yan’s group had no choice but to quickly withdraw. Even someone as strong as Hun Jing and Hun Yan could only step back at stay low at this moment.

The storm continued for a couple of minutes before it gradually weakened. After the extermination ripples disappeared, a hundred thousand feet large hole appeared on the ground below. The bottom of the hole was completely black. It was as though one could not see the bottom. Such a frightening destructive force caused the eyes of Hun Yan and the others to shrink slightly.

Hun Jing’s and Hun Yan’s eyes immediately turned towards the direction which Xiao Yan’s group had fled towards as the storm scattered. However, they merely saw a spatial crack that was slowly being repaired. Xiao...

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