Chapter 1577: Borrowing Flames

Chapter 1577: Borrowing Flames

Bang! Bang!

A thunder like explosion continuously resounded within this realm. Following the appearance of each explosion, there would be an expert from the Yao clan exploding the Dou Qi within his body and blast himself into pieces. In the face of such a wild and violent energy attack, even one’s soul would not remain…

Xiao Yan’s group unleashed their speed to their limit as they crazily rushed towards the area where the explosions were most centralized. The seal at that spot had already been blasted apart. It would no longer be difficult to tear open the space. Those experts from the various sects were also closely following behind Xiao Yan. They understood that it was impossible for them to successfully escape alive by relying on their own strength in such a chaotic period.

However, the Hun clan’s aim was to eliminate all the living creatures within the Yao clan. It was naturally impossible for them to simply allow Xiao Yan and the others to leave. While Xiao Yan’s group travelled, the Touling creatures covering the entire area as well as the experts from the Hun clan had immediately changed their target. They rushed and...

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