Chapter 1573: Actual Form

Chapter 1573: Actual Form

The black flame blotted out the sun. This entire place was enveloped by it. Under the cover of this black flame, everyone below suddenly felt the Dou Qi within their bodies beginning to gradually disappear. It was as though there was something invisible continuously devouring the Dou Qi within their bodies…

This discovery immediately caused countless of people to become terrified. From the fate of those who had attempted to flee earlier, it was clear that the Hun clan did not intend to leave behind any survivors. Hence, this entire mountain range had become chaotic at this moment. No one could have expected that an ordinary Medicinal Ceremony would actually end up turning into this.

“Be careful, the entire place is filled with extremely tiny Nihility Devouring Flame. Even Dou Qi cannot block this thing…”

Xiao Yan’s hand landed on Yao Lao’s shoulder. Pink flame covered the both of them. The fire lotus deep within his eyes rotated. Base on his eyesight, this place was current filled with tiny black light spots which could not be detected with the naked eyes. These light...

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