Chapter 157: Getting the Monster Core

Chapter 157: Getting the Monster Core

As he eyed the fallen Magic Beast beside him, Xiao Yan threw aside the cloth in his hand that was filled with blood. After which, he flipped his hand and a dagger appeared. Squatting down, he cut opened the Magic Beast’s head while ignoring everyone and slowly began searching within it.

After a few more cuts, Xiao Yan’s eyebrows began to be pressed together and he shook his head helplessly. He wiped off the blood on the dagger and kept it. Finally, he stood up and shrugged his shoulders at those who was watching him. “It looks like I’m unlucky. There’s nothing at all.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, everyone gradually began to recover from their shock. Staring at Xiao Yan’s empty hands, Ka Gang could only shake his head regretfully. He then waved his hand and shouted, “Everyone, let’s first help the Company Leader finish off the other Magic Beast.”

Upon hearing Ka Gang’s shout, all the members of the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company quickly gripped the weapon in their hands and began swarming toward Fei Lei’s battlefield and began to attack the Magic Beast as a group under Fei Lei’s command.

Carrying the heavy ruler, Xiao Yan leaned against a tree trunk. He chewed grass in his mouth and lowered his head to see the abrasions...

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