Chapter 1568: Alchemy Contest

Chapter 1568: Alchemy Contest

The other three individuals withdrew some distance away while Xiao Yan’s fire cauldron expanded. They separated this wide sky into four areas.

Hun Huzi’s body flashed and appeared above the black fire cauldron. After which, he sat down. With a wave of his sleeve, tons of medicinal ingredients flew out in all directions. In an instant, a rich medicinal fragrance immediately spread through the sky.

While he began to refine a medicinal pill, Elder Wanhuo in the distance had used the Nine Serene Wind Flame to form a fire cauldron. At their level, they could do without medicinal cauldrons because they could randomly use their Heavenly Flames to form high quality medicinal cauldrons.

The person who had created the biggest commotion was Old Man Shen Long. The liquid-like green flame sea swiftly spread before he sat down within the sea of fire. He waved his sleeve and many medicinal ingredient seeds containing a strange fragrance swiftly scattered. Finally, they fell into the sea of fire. After which, the seeds swiftly sprouted in front of many stunned eyes. After which,...

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