Chapter 1566: Challenge

Chapter 1566: Challenge

The Yao clan specialized in alchemy, possessing the largest alchemist organisation in the world. Although the Yao clan would feel some pride in their hearts when dealing with the alchemists from the Central Plains, it must be said that they did indeed have the ability to back up this pride.

Perhaps it was due to their bloodline, but it was extremely easy for those in the Yao clan to learn how to refine medicinal pills. Moreover, the clan did not lack individuals with outstanding training talent. Hence, it might be true that the Yao clan did not have a large number of alchemists with skills equivalent to those alchemist grandmasters quite famous in the Central Plains, but [a][b]it was not hard to find outstanding individuals within their clan either. Since they were in possession of such capital, they would inevitably feel pride when compared to other alchemists.

Of course, this was merely describing the middle level among the alchemist tier. The Yao clan did not hold much of an advantage in terms of the true alchemists that stood at the top of all...

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