Chapter 1565: The Start of the Medicinal Ceremony

Chapter 1565: The Start of the Medicinal Ceremony

“Hun Huzi… is teacher acquainted with him?”

Yao Lao’s reaction had startled Xiao Yan. His eyes scanned the black-clothed middle-age man in the sky as he gently frowned. It was another person from the Hun clan. These people always appeared in such a mysterious fashion…

“Do you still recall the Small Tower’s incident back then? The person from the Hun clan who had hid within the Small Pill Tower, and in the end, betrayed and wounded his teacher before eventually escaping…” Yao Lao’s deep voice contained an endless hatred.

“That person is Hun Huzi?” Xiao Yan’s heart shook as he exclaimed.

“Aye.” Yao Lao slowly nodded. His eyes observed Hun Huzi in the sky as he continued in an icy-cold voice, “This person has an extremely high position within the Hun clan. Even Hun Mie Sheng can not compare to him. Unexpectedly, even he has been attracted by the Yao clan’s Medicinal Ceremony…”

“Hun Huzi is relatively important to the Hun clan. If I am not mistaken, he should be the mastermind behind the...

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