Chapter 1564: Hun Huzi

Chapter 1564: Hun Huzi

The peak of the medicinal mountain was covered by a cloud. A strange medicinal fragrance spread, causing one’s heart to feel untroubled, as though one was in a divine place.

There were clusters of medicinal ingredients gathering like a sea on top of the Medicine Mountain. There was an incomparably huge stadium floating in the air above the medicinal ingredient sea. There were four huge medicinal cauldrons at the four corners of the square. A pill fragrance slowly rose from them as a smoke charged into the cloud.

There were many human figures standing on this floating stage. Many lively conversations were being emitted. Their eyes were all looking to the north. There were many stone chairs neatly arranged there. Pretty female servants shuffled around the two sides of the stone chairs like butterflies. Those agile hands filled all the jade cups on the stone tables.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Xiao Yan and Yao Lao rushed to the top of the mountain. Their eyes swept around. They were about to find a random spot to take a seat when Elder Wanhuo stood from...

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