Chapter 1562: Aggressiveness

Chapter 1562: Aggressiveness

“Five star Dou Sheng?”

The frightening aura that suddenly swept crossed the square quickly resulted in shocked expressions surging into the eyes of many experts. There was vaguely an additional hint of fear and respect when they looked at the young figure. Such strength could be considered a peak existence even in an ancient clan like the Yao clan.

“Xiao Yan from the Sky Mansion really lives up to his reputation…”

The individuals from the various factions exchanged glances with each other. They could see grave expressions and exclamations in each other’s eyes. No wonder the Sky Mansion Alliance had developed a tighter bond during these years. With a core individual like Xiao Yan as their main support, this alliance would not be as weak as those other temporary alliances.

Yao Wangui’s expression became extremely ugly as Xiao Yan’s aura erupted. He did not expect that Xiao Yan to have not only caught up to him within these short years, he had even tossed him far behind…

A five star Dou Sheng, Yao Wangui was...

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