Chapter 1561: Fight

Chapter 1561: Fight

The human crowd within the square spread like flowing water. Immediately, a group of figures wearing the robes of the Yao clan slowly walked over. Their gazes contained some surprise and disdain as they swept over Yao Lao’s body. There was a somewhat shady-looking old man with blade-like lips in the leader’s position. This person was the person in charge of meting out punishments within the Yao clan. Xiao Yan had met him outside the demonic flame realm back then. He was also an Elder of the Yao clan, whom Yao Lao had a deep grudge against, Yao Wangui.

“Yao Chen? Chi, isn’t he that useless person who was expelled from our Yao clan?”

“He is already a bunch of old bones, yet he doesn’t know how to quietly wait for his end. He must have come to our Yao clan to be humiliated.”

“That’s right. Ha ha, Elder, given your status, what is there to talk about with this abandoned person?”

Those human figures clustered around Yao Wangui understood that he really disliked the duo in front of him after hearing his condescending words. Many flattering and...

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