Chapter 1560: Yao clan Medicinal Ceremony

Chapter 1560: Yao clan Medicinal Ceremony

One month swiftly flowed by in a quiet fashion. This one month was as calm as one could imagine. Even with the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe helping to investigate the Hall of Souls, the results had not been extremely happy. The Hall of Souls seemed to have decreased the size of its faction this time around. Even though the spies from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe were able to find some Hall of Souls branch halls, they were unable to venture any deeper because of the defenses that had been tightened over ten times.

The Sky Mansion Alliance felt somewhat pressured because of this situation, but it was impossible for them to gather their strength to destroy all the branch halls. Everyone knew that this war would eventually end with one party being eliminated from the Central Plains. This party could be the Hall of Souls or it could be the Sky Mansion Alliance.

Neither party dared to make this gamble. Hence, everyone could only just watch and wait at this moment.

The day the Medicinal Ceremony of the Yao clan would be held slowly arrived under the build up of this quiet pressure…

The main...

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